Rainbow tries the Circus Part 2

    Okay, so here is how things got messed up. Yellow was tight roping and fell. Black and Red tried to catch her but they ran into eachother and went unconsious. Yellow, still falling landed on Pink who was in the lions den. Blue tried to get out of the cannon to go try and save Pink and Yellow, but Purple wasn't paying attention and lighted the cannon, while Blue was half way out of it and Blue was shot almost straight out of the story but luckly, the narrator caught her and put her back in her house. Orange was running around trying to set things right when Gray was reluctantly twirling batons and one slipped out of his reach and landed on Oranges head, which knocks him out too.

   Now everything is up to Gray, unless Blue shows up. Gray runs to the lions den and throws Yellow and Pink out of the way and locks up the lions. He looks around to find that nothing was troubling for. Unless you count all the headaches that will be going around.

                                                         The Next Day

   " I say this end goes over there to that end!" whined Pink, pointing northeast. Everyone was rubbing their bums and heads from yesterday and started to fold the striped tent.

 "Wait guys!" yelled Purple, "Green is still inside the tent!" They all groaned with annoying frustration or pain. Sooner or later they got Green out and folded the tent and put it away in Oranges garage.

The End

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