Black and the Leprechauns Part 2

"Stay," he said, pointing at Yellow. As he was walking out, Pink and Blue were walking by with colored Cheerios. He looked over at them and then over at the leprecons, still junning and yelling.

"Hey! The unicorns are stealing your Lucky Charms!" yelled Black, pointing at Blue and Pink. They just started to relize what the heck was going on. Pink heard Black yell and looked over at him, then she saw the leprecons turning like a flock of birds evading a prey. Just like in Jurassic Park, she thought, then she thought Uhm, they're flocking toward us! Pink screamed so loud that it rang in Blacks ears for a long while. Blue might have gone deaf for the rest of the day.

"Black!" said Yellow, "Why did you tell them to go after Pink and Blue?"

Black just stood there and thought. Why'd I call them unicorns?

The End

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