Black and the Leprecons

 Black was just minding his own business when Red and Yellow ran up to him screaming their heads off.

"LEPROCONS!!!!" they yelled, they ran over the hillside when a bunch of very small people holding Lucky Charms and throwing them at the screaming and now running towards Black, still screaming, "They are after us for trying ot take some Lucky Charms! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Yellow jumped on top of Black thus toppleing him over on his bum and Red just ran past them.

Now relizing that the Leprecons were yelling, "LUCKY CHARMS LUCKY CHARMS! DIE DIE!" Black got up and ran for his life as the little people threw cereal at him and Yellow.

"Ah *beep*!!" said Black, Yellow stopped.

"You just said-" gasped Yellow as Black grabed her arm and pulled her along beside him.

"Look! Just shut your mouth! Alright!?" screamed Black, tossing Yellow into Greens house.

"Stay," said Black, pointing at Yellow.

The End

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