Candy Mountain Part 2

"La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la!!" said Blue and Pink, skipping around Grey as he walked. Pink stopped and said, "This is our first stop Grey!"

"Oh gosh, what's that?" asked Grey as his eyes grew bigger. Sitting in front of them was a nasty looking thing. "It's a Leoplurodon Grey! It'll tell us the direction of Candy mountain, duh!" said Blue. Then suddenly, the 'Leoplurodon' made an awfull sound. "It has told us the way!" said Pink.   "Okay, you do know that there's really no Candy mountain right?" said Grey, backing away from it.      "Shun the non-believer! Shun!" said Blue, "Shun!" said Pink, "Shuuuuun!" said Blue.

"It's just across this bridge Grey!" said Blue walking towards the bridge and Pink after her. Grey followed reluntantly.    "This magical bridge!" said Pink, "Of hope and wonder!"    Grey said,"Isn't anyone, like, getting covered in spilters? Guys, we shouldn't really be on this thing." "Grey, Grrrreeeeeyyyyyyyy, Grrreeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!" said Blue in a sweaky way.   "What? What is it!?" yelled Grey, getting very annoyed now.    "We're on a bridge Grey!" laughed Blue, now half way across the bridge.

"We're here Grey!" said Pink in an excited way. Then, as Grey looked up he was suprised. "Whoa,so it IS real?" asked Grey.    "Well, yeah Grey!" said Blue walking up to the mountain of candy and sweets. Then suddenly Blue started to sing:"Candy mountian candy mountain! Fulled with sweets and sugary goodness!"  Then an opening popped up in the side of the mountain.

"Go inside Grey!" chanted Pink.    "Yeah! Go inside!" mocked Blue, "Magical beholds will appear when you enter!"  Grey stood for a few seconds. ''Yeah, thank but no thanks. I have a bad feel-"  "But you have to enter Grey!" said Blue. Then suddenly a blue thing pushed Grey into the cave and shut behind him.

"Uh, guys? This isn't funny," then, Grey heard footsteps coming closer and closer. "Hey, who's there?!" Grey was knocked out.

Grey woke up on the ground in the Meadow.  "Ugh, huh? What happened?" looking down at himself he relized something.

"Oh my gosh! They took my shirt!"

The End

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