The Rainbow Circus

Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange, Pink, Blue (and unfortunately), Black and Gray. Yellow thought that it would be a great idea to set up their very own circus, because in the movies it looks so fun and easy. They were all setting up a striped tent (except Green. He was napping.)

"Yay!" squealed Yellow. After much complaining and turmoil, it was finally up. Red thought that because there was no one else besides Green, they should create cardboard cutouts of people.

"But what do real people look like?" Orange posed his finger and thumb on his chin and he mock-thought.

No one really knew what to do, as they only had known of circus' from the little magic boxes. So, they all named off different things they've seen. 

"Canons?" Purple twiddled her thumbs.

"Umbrellas and trapeze?" Red ran his fingers through his fiery hair.

"Lions," Black grumbled, folding his arms. 

Green's head jerked up from his portable pillow, "Tigers!" he yelped, then as fast as he had popped up, he was down again.

"Bears?" Pink fixed a bow on her pepto bismol colored dress.

"Oh my," Gray said as he tried to sneak out of the tent, but the Narrator decided he should stay.

It's good for building character. 

But then everything went wrong.

The End

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