Candy Mountain Prt 2

Pink and Blue sang songs the whole way; across the Bridge of Dreams, through the Meadow of Thought, and past the Hills of Silence. Gray, however, frowned and brooded the entire way. 

"Gray!" Blue screeched in his ear. Gray's ears rang, and thought, Why doesn't this stuff ever happen to Black?

Gray looked up at this... This mountain of candy. Pink and Blue ran towards it waving their arms in the air and yelling. 

"Guys," he said, "I feel like I have diabetes just from looking at it." Another scream. Only this one wasn't from excitement. 
Gray ran to the cry. Finding a strange opening in the side of the mountain, he called, "Pink? Blue?" A faint cry came from the hole. Taking a deep breath, he went in. 

It was dark, obviously. He called their names again, but this time there was no whimpering answer. A sharp pain exploded inside his head and everything flashed white.

Gray found himself lying in the meadow. Without a shirt. 
"Those twits." 

The End

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