Candy Mountain

Each Adventure is two pages long, maybe even longer. I started this story when I first began writing, and I recently looked at it, and thought, "Hey, you can do better," and so here I am!
Here's the original:

Gray stretched out on the grass. Finally some peace and quiet...

Stompings began to get closer, as did giggles. I knew it couldn't last.

"Gray!" Pink cried, Blue in tow, "You'll never guess what we found!" Gray rubbed his eyes in exhaustion. 

"Somewhere far away from me?"

Pink and Blue giggled, thinking it a joke. Gray's face was deadly serious. The two knelt down beside him and poked his sides. Gray remained unmoved.

"You're a party pooper," Blue huffed. Gray sighed, and sat up.

"Fine, I'll play," He placed his head in his hands, "But only if you stop annoying me. What did you find?" Pink and Blue looked like they were going to explode with confetti and hard candy. 

"We found," They said in unison, "The Candy Mountain!"

The End

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