The Random Adventures of the Rainbow

Ring ring, Hello?

This is the Random Adventures of the Rainbow.Everyone in here is random and has Rainbow color names. Like, Red, Blue, Gray, Black, Pink Ect Ect. BUT, Gray and Black aren't in the Rainbow.

     Gray was lying down on the ground sleeping.

"Hey, Greeeeeey," said Blue, walking up to Gray. After him was Pink.

"Hey Gray wake up! Wake up!" said Pink, "You silly sleepy head, wake uuuupppp!"

"Ugh, what you guys?" asked Gray in a dull way, "This better be important, is the meadow freakin' on fire?"    "No Grey, we're going to candy mountain Grey! Candy mountian!" yelled Pink and Blue. Then suddenly Blue jumped up upon Grey and started to bounce on his back.  "Come with us Grey! We found a map to the moutain Grey!" said Pink.

"We're going on an adventure!" said Blue spinning around on her toes.   "Yeah, candy mountain, right, well I'm not interested, go by yourselves," Grey said, sitting up.  "Nooooooooo," yelled Blue, raising her arms in the air, "You have ot come with us Grey, Candy mountain is a place of sweets and joy and joyness!" Pink went over to Grey and started to jab his sides.

"Please stop poking me," "Candy mountain Grey! Candy mountain!!" yelled Pink and Blue, now running around Grey flapping their arms around.      "Ugh! Alright fine! I'll go with you to 'Candy mountain'!" growled Gray.

The End

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