The ramblings of my bored mind.

Quite simply, I was bored today. I decided to start writing, and see where it went. No plan, just let my brain and fingers do their own thing.

What is it I 'believe' in?

That’s a good question, and opens up a literal can of worms. My opinions will seem outlandish to many, offensive to some, possibly agreeable to others.

But, at the end of the day, the core of my beliefs are set, whereas the periphery are changeable. After all, isn’t one of the tenements of a scientist the ability to change their view-point upon the discovery of new evidence?

OK, where to start? I know. God.....

I don’t believe in one, per se. I believe that there is a 'spirit of consciousness' or something. But a 'god' like you see in religious texts? No. I think that all the stories, the fables, in all the religious books from all the religions, are all telling the same story of an event from a different perspective. Its like Chinese whispers. Everyone has played that game, in school. If a simple statement can become morphed into something else via 30 people in about 10 minutes, imagine what changes a story will go through over many years, and many retellings? Religion, and God, to me, is an argument or discussion that is best not had...

I think that when a person dies, the soul/consciousness has a choice. It can return to a collective of sorts, where it 'feels at home', hence the sense of comfort that people describe as 'heaven'. But, what if you have never heard of that?
To me, it makes more sense to think of it in this way. There are multiple planes of existence. In ones of these planes, the spiritual consciousness resides. Its like a hive. When a person is conceived, then either by random choice, or a conscious decision, a spirit/soul/conscious will inhabit the physical form. Which could explain things like re-incarnation. Some of the major religions do not agree that it exists, but then, for every nutcase who thinks they were Napoleon or Cleopatra, what of the people who claim to have just been a 'Joe Nobody'?
There have been instances of people 'knowing' a place but never having been there before, and then finding out that names that seem to have randomly meant something to them, were actual people who lived in that area, who were all family members of a person who had passed away.
Why cant it be possible, that the person who passed away, their consciousness came back into a new body but failed to 'wipe off the memories' of its previous life?
They say that there are things such as 'soul mates'. I for one hope that there are.
What I believe, is that when you meet a stranger, and suddenly 'click' with them, in ways that you didn’t think possible, breaking down the trust wall in moments, its because back in that other spiritual plane, you were close. You 'reconnect' with the spirit on the physical plane.

So what about things like ghosts, and spiritual mediums? Well, what 'is' a ghost?
Depending on what programmes you’ve seen or books you’ve read, they fall into some main categories.
A 'recording haunting' I think is one where you see a figure or shape go through a wall, or seem to float off/up. When its investigated, a lot of the times it will turn up that there used to be a doorway, or a stairs, right where the apparition did its trick. Its as though for whatever reason, a person is watching a replay of an event. Just like watching a scene on TV.
An 'aware haunting' is supposed to be when a spirit is responding to commands from a person to communicate. I like this idea, as it hopefully shows that a persons 'self' continues on after the physical dies.
Things like 'poltergeists' and 'possessions'.....well, this could be a whole argument in itself. I wont go into things like 'demons' and 'exorcisms' as that just takes me back to religions. But what about this. The brain is accepted as being THE most complex thing every created. As far as I know, two thirds of it still haven’t been able to be figured out yet? Something mad like that. What if the parts that we don’t know the purpose for yet, are the parts that control things like telekinesis? That could explain why in times of stress, or puberty, certain people seem to become possessed or they become the focus of a haunting. Maybe there is no haunting, its just their latent telekinetic power making itself know, in random bursts?
That then brings me onto the mediums. I have no doubt that there are some people out there, who can and do see 'things'. But for every one who has a genuine talent, I would hate to imagine how many people are able to fake it. Think about it. If you’re observant enough, know how to read body language and use effective questioning techniques, use generic statements and adapt what you say when you see an indicator m the person you’re talking to, then you can seem to 'read their mind' or 'channel a spirit'.
I personally have been on both sides of the coin in this. I know a trick, a simple pub-magic con, that if used correctly can be seen to be either proof of my mind reading ability or an ability to tap into the spirit realm. I’ve won a few pints doing that one. It was when a family member told me that a 'psychic counselor' had told her something that she had asked on a piece of paper, I realised that the guy was a scammer. He had done exactly what I do/did. Still, you live and learn.
My view of the other side of the coin happened in a psychic fair a friend organised. I paid a woman £25 to basically tell me some observant facts about myself and my partner. She started off by giving me a caveat that due to her popularity that evening, and the fact her 'psychic battery' had become drained, and that the spirits were weak, that she may not be as accurate as normal, but that she was a genuine psychic as she had been born close to Stonehenge....does that mean that anyone born close to the coleslaw is a natural gladiator too?
After getting no visible signs from me to her questions about myself and my health (I mean, come on, she should be giving me statements about me, not asking me this stuff..), she told me that she needed to end the reading as she felt drained. Then, she tried to sell me a stone that was my 'personal psychic link stone' for a mere £20. it looked like something I could've picked off the local beach. Needless to say, I didn’t buy it.
This isn’t to say that I don’t believe in things like this, because I do, completely. But I am what I term a sceptical-believer. If I have a reading, I want to be told things, not asked. I know enough to know when I'm being conned...

Aliens. Always a great way to start an argument I find.
In my view, anyone who says that there is no possibility of alien life is being rather foolish. I will summarise a statement that is well known.
The stars that we see in the night sky are not just other suns, but things like other galaxies, which in turn have THOUSANDS of suns in them. There is an equation, where you take all the specks of light, and work your way down to a figure for finding the possibility of a sentient life form on a planet that can hold life in a solar system, or something. Basically, you end up with a number that is ridiculously long. And that is to find the possibility of life...not to rule it out.
But there is a convincing argument too, about WHY a sentient alien race would even want to make contact with us. When you look at where the Earth is, on a milky way map as it were, we are right out in the middle of nowhere. Completely off the beaten track. Its been said that it would be like NASA sending a probe to an ant hill in the middle of Africa to look for a specific ant.
Our planet, as far as we know, is as insignificant as a piece of ant poo...
That doesn’t stop me from looking up to the stars whenever there is a clear night and hoping I see something shooting across the sky though.
The way I see it, there would be no point in checking out the human race yet, as we have nothing to offer. All the sci-fi films would have us believe that the types of race we would encounter would either be benevolent or genocidal. Chances are, they would be indifferent. The same way that a lab technician would look at a spore on a petri dish. Mild curiosity, then forgotten about.

Now, this is were I will lose you, fellow reader, if I haven’t already....this, THIS is my personal idea on what an 'alien' could be.
They, are us. From a different reality. Before you scoff and rant and rave, at least hear me out.
Now, what if the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs didn’t hit the planet. How many millions of years have passed since they worked out that date? 65,000,000 or there about. Mankind has been on the planet for around 200,000 years only, its only in the last 50,000 that a recognisable 'person' has been around. In that time, we as a species went from living in caves to sending things to other planets. Not bad when you think of it, and its only in the last 100 years that the greatest technological leaps have happened.
So what could have happened to the dinosaurs, when they didn’t die out, if you add 65 million years of evolution into the mix?
How about this? One of the more adaptable and intelligent species continue to evolve, and end up as a humanoid life-form, maybe looking a little lizard like, facially. Their technology would be so far in advance of ours as it is now, we cant even begin to comprehend. Lets take a wild stab in the dark, and say that they had done the conquering of space, figured out how to fly faster than light even. That got a bit boring for them. What else could a race that had figured out faster than light travel, be interested in? How about alternate realities? Stands to reason, that they would figure it out. And what would they do with the ability? Go to other planets? Why bother, when the one you are on already, could have infinite possible planes of reality for you to explore? What would you do when you find sentient life forms on an alternate version of your planet? Study them of course. Time would have no limits for them, they may have already figured out time travel, if its possible. Jumping realities could be very easy compared to time travel...
Maybe, just maybe, the 'little gray aliens' are not truly aliens after all. Maybe, they have more claim to this planet than we do, seeing as they were here first.....
The way I see it, the Gray aliens of sci-fi legend are less likely to be from another galaxy, as they are to be from another dimension. If WE had the ability, to step into a craft and slip through a hypothetical doorway, to see what subtle, or not so subtle differences there are on the same planet but in a different reality, we would do it. Its human nature.
Maybe, its saurian nature, too.

The End

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