The Pursuit- plan

The Pursuit
Written from Maria’s perspective. (1st from Alex’s, 3rd from Hank and fourth from an unknown person- just have come up with yet lol. New enemy- Fenixs- With the collision of eight dimensions taking its toll on Planet Earth, Maria has been asked by the acting Prime Minster and his advisor to explore and find out these species. Maria, thinking this will be a perfect opportunity to spend time with Alex, takes the opportunity only to find that Alex is at breaking point. He has lost his mum with no explanation given and his father isn’t giving any answers especially as he is with someone else now (divorced a year ago) who is oblivious of his dad’s involvement with his aliens and his true character. Alex currently living in “The Bunkhouse” a retirement place for ex- officials with aliens, has resigned his position with fighting with aliens and ignoring opinions of others (including Hank) thinking that he isn’t good enough. Maria comes and sees him and suggests Alex to find out about his mum and then decide again on resigning. Being that is Maria who says this; Alex listens to her advice and goes on searching for information about his mum which leads him to Oakwell, a town which has alien goings on. Reculantly, Alex helps but only in order to find his mum. Meanwhile Maria tries to find a replacement for Alex to find about these species. Firstly she asks Hank who isn’t that cooperate- rather stay in Los Angeles on his extended “break” with the local ladies. Maria gives up on Hank and searches for a local officer. She comes across a bloke called Pablo Guerrier (“known as la Guerre”) who has similar interests as her and like her has a feisty nature. She meets Pablo for a time and unbeknown to Pablo, falls for his witty charm (but can’t stand his arrogance). During the time spent with Pablo, they discover that Fenixs have been created by mental stress caused by the uncertainty and doubt in people’s minds i.e. uncertainty on politics. Maria realises (but does not tell Pablo) that she has with her heart created a Fenix as she is unable to decide who she wants. She panics but ironically Alex finds her with Pablo. Naive of her feelings with Pablo, Alex comes up to her and says that his dad lied to him again- his mum is alive but kidnapped by the deputy chief Thespiano and hungry for revenge. She has written a hostage letter to Alex given by a friend in Oak well. Alex, full of confidence and drive says to Maria that Hank needs to be warned. Pablo volunteers to come much to Maria’s heartache. During the night on the ship provided by the Changs, Pablo and Alex discuss her future plans with Alex, whilst Maria goes to lie down as the alien has taken its toll on her body. Alex firstly comes in to see her and pesters her to see what the matter is, and eventually she blames on hormones. Pablo comes and speaks to her and says what the matter is when Alex is asleep and she tells him her true feelings about him. Pablo says that although she is a nice girl, he doesn’t see her that way. She is happy and relieved that he has said that but already the Fenix has taken hold on her body and before Pablo can properly say sorry, she becomes unconscious and collapses on the boat. Pablo, shocked and unable to do anything panics and wakes up Alex but Alex, who knows Maria inside and out, takes leadership and reassures Maria. Between Pablo and Alex, they discover that she has been taken over a Fenix. They decide to take her to Hank who might have something to help. They arrive in Los Angeles and find Hank in an underground night club dressed as a woman being humiliated by the aliens. Alex pulls Hank of the stage with Hank complaining. Alex explains the situation to Hank who then gets a mind stimulator to destroy the Chief Fenix as by destroying the leader it will destroy over time the other Fenixs in the world. They enter three different dream worlds one of which is a hole which leads to multicoloured pebbled streets. The first challenge given by the Fenix is for Pablo who doubts he will be able to battle the Thespianos. With both blokes help (mainly Alex, as Hank frets for most of the time), Pablo has a sense of achievement. Next is a bridge with a river in sunshine. Challenge for Hank doubts whether he can fight temptation of seduction by mermaids. With Alex and Pablo’s support, Hank fights seduction. Final challenge is a pavement in St Ives where she and Alex first embraced. This is for Alex. He doubts whether he is good enough for her. Pablo supports Alex and he speaks to her with confidence and conviction despite from negative thoughts from Maria. The fenix explodes and all the men help wake up Maria now on the boat. Maria wakes up and finds the three men. Confused, all three men explain from their different points of view what happened. Maria firstly confronts Pablo despite still being hurt by the rejections and recruits him into Special Forces as a thank you present. Hank pulls a face and she says that there is an undercover job in Ibiza. Hank gets out a rubber duck and bikini to which Alex smiles. Pablo smiles and tells Alex to get out something out of his pocket. Maria, confused by the recent revelation, sees a ring by Alex. Alex and Maria embrace each other whilst Pablo leaves melancholy. Hank jokes about there being a battle for the best man title to which Alex pushes by help by Pablo Hank in the sea. He responds saying it is too cold (bit obvious?).
The End

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