The Protagonizer's Reading List

Want something to read? Not sure where to go next? Try this for size!

Protagonize is huge, and the literary world is even huger. How do you know what to read next?

If you're anything like me, you'll find this a pretty daunting job. So instead of completely spamming the 'Protagonize Pub', I thought we could do it here. Nifty, huh?

I thought that we Protaggers could post our favourite stories, poems, novels or whatever here, in a large library of works! Include real, published novels, e-books and even your favourite stuff here on Protagonize!


1) Absolutely anyone can post!

2) You cannot recommend your own work, but the work of a friend is fine =)

3) If it's a work on Protagonize, please provide a link to the story (and the author's profile, if you want to).

4) You can post more than once if you like, but I would ask that you allow at least three other posts before you post again. Although, you can double-post if it's all gone quiet for a bit =)

5) State the title of the work and who it's by.  Give a rough idea of which genre and basically what it's about (without giving anything away!!). You could also say a few words about why you think it should make it to The Protagonizer's Reading List.

5) Have fun! Whether you're reading or writing, this is designed to be fun =)


And that's about all, amigos!

Happy writing =)

~West x

The End

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