Free for All 1

Hi all! I just thought I'd drop by... my parachute's outside in the tree. I've written quite a lot on this site, but some of my personal proudest moments are:

One - "Warrior"

This was my first completed solo project on here. It's 101 chapters long, so it's a bit of a challenge (possibly the longest solo on Protag!) but I felt very proud when I finished it.

Two - "Last of the Line"

This one is basically half the story, it's sister tale - that tells most of the rest of the story is "Faerie Bound" by Elorithryn (story originator) with Anna's and Moonwalker. This story came to be after our four characters disembarked from the famous Protagonize Bus and began their own adventure. This story means a lot to me because of the friendships I built up with my fellow authors.

And finally, Three - Beneath the Crescent Moon

This story is one of my favourites because it's the one people have rated the highest and seem to like the most. I'm also proud of my efforts to be descriptive here, something I normally struggle with, and that I've managed to impress people with it.

So all in all... that's it! If you feel like having a look at any one of these, then take a looksee. I appreciate any comments or feedback and I hope you enjoy any work of mine you read.

The End

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