Well these are all from the same story because that's all i've posted so far ha ha.


The first story that I can honestly say has taken a life of it's own:



Until I wrote this chapter, I had no clue I could manage a murder scene! I've always watched horror films, but I could never find the words to decribe them correctly. But as I said above, this story is really writing it's self.



I had invisioned this last one at 4 in the morning and there are probably STILL some typos that need to be fixed, but all the same, I love the scenery. It's like a mix between all of my own favorite childhood hang-outs. The beautiful forest behind my grandparent's house, the waterfalls hidden in the back of the town drive-in park, and the little ponds of one of our local parks.




I hope you all read and enjoy it! >_>; I've been very busy lately with family stuff and working on getting a job (ha ha) so I'll update the story as soon as possible :D




Thanks Parkovic for the comments on Muichimotsu! It's always great to hear that the story is progressing well :) THANKS!

(also, I haven't done much on protagonize yet, since I just recently joined, therefore I don't know many authors and left the branches as free-for-alls. I hope that's alright! )


The End

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