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I'm next to the Procrastinating Corner?  Oh well, given how long it's taken me to find three stories of mine I'd be willing to recommend, that may be appropriate....  So, while you're waiting for Eloosive to add another chapter to Tagged, or a Fighting Chance, or whichever one of his seven-hundred projects he's working on this millisecond, you may wish to cast an appraising eye over:

It was a lullaby

JackRubashevskiy started the story which requested a poem and some prose that had to be bound together in some way, and this was my contribution.  The poem itself was inspired by Shakespeare's Malvolio (from Twelfth Night) and his comment on yellow socks, as in that time yellow was the colour of melancholy.

Next up is The train to Hawksmoor, the second chapter of Orphan in the way - A Davy Shrimp mystery created by FogCat.  You can find it here:

The story idea that FogCat created is intriguing, with some strong characters waiting to be brought to life.  At the moment it's languishing though, and could probably use a kind author to jump in and help it along a little.

And finally, last and least, Puss in Boots, found here:

This is somewhat of a retelling of the classic story through the eyes of a dysfunctional private detective in a rotten-to-the-core city.  The mood is noirish, there's violence lurking off-scene most of the time, and the protagonist McArthur has enough irony to open a blacksmiths.  So far I'm writing it alone, but it's open for collaboration if anyone likes the feel of the character.


The End

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