Laine Grey

Laine Grey (a.k.a. "grey that is laine", "laine that is grey").

Let's see what stocks the shelves, shall we?

Oh, this is an interesting one.... From the Desk of Icarus. One of my favorites, actually. It follows Icarus as he plans for his flight attempt, highlights his obsession with success, and fear of failure.

Hmm, what about this one? Not half bad in my opinion....Bobbing for Apples. What seems to be, may not be at all. Situations that start out one way reveal themselves to be something else entirely by the end of the chapter.

Hehe, this is the author's attempt at a love story...By the Way of Have You Heard. Love springs up when you least expect it. Tenchi and Beryl meet on the train and almost instantly hit it off (albeit inelegantly)

The End

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