Fluffy Crow

Aww, only three? Well, suppose I'd better make these count...


The idea popped into my head while doodling in history class, but I didn't really feel like continuing it so I wrote one chapter and dumped it on Protagonize. The general plot is this: a teenage girl has amnesia, however it only applies to her fifth year of life. It's been implied that this is because of some sort of supernatural happening, however I suppose it could go in any direction. This could definitely use some more branches, hint hint. http://www.protagonize.com/story/sequel

The Land of Strange Pets:

A wacky solo project I've taken on. I'd like to say it's in the style of Roald Dahl (The author of James and the Giant Peach and such). I'm not sure if it's true, but I'd like to say that. Follows the adventures of Matt, bored apathetic teenager, as well as his sister, a strange cat-girl who owns a pet gecko, and many others in the Land of Strange Pets. Hence the name. http://www.protagonize.com/story/the-land-of-strange-pets

Almost Angelic:

Another idea that I liked but didn't feel like expanding on. A comedic look on the career path of a guardian angel, told from the point of view of a rather devilish angel named Whisper. Begins with her being fired and follows (Well, it probably well. That's where I would go with it) the many attempts at revenge. Again, needs a few more chapters. Hint hint. http://www.protagonize.com/story/almost-angelic

The End

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