All three offerings here fall pretty squarely into the supernatural category.  I'm enchanted by the possibilities in its' various manifestations.  Each of these three are three completely different approaches to the "supernatural" genres...

Dream Haven (Collaborative)
Inspired by my collaboration with nickb on Leapers, and some other material I'd written, intended for The Memory  Trees. I've started Dream Haven to further flesh out the ideas behind the dream-walkers as I see them. Yes, I'm shamelessly  using other peoples' writing to help clarify my own setting for fiction & gaming.  I'll be posting other stories in this setting eventually...  This is also the first story I've written here where I do, actually, have a story-arc in mind.  Roughly.  I've learned enough from game-development to roll with whatever comes up and integrate it into the setting...

I'm Not Charlie (Collaborative)
A story about a mentally-handicapped man living in a care-home who's undergone a radical procedure that drastically increases his intelligence and, incidentally, gives him psychic powers.  The idea is to study the emergence of personality, of moral and ethical distinctions in the face of a competing influences...  Ultimately, it's intended to be a doomed love-triangle, as Jeffy, the main character will lose all the technical "advancements" he'd gained...  But, hopefully, the impact he'll have had will continue long after....  The title comes from the obvious nod to "Flowers for Algernon", by Daniel Keyes.

Superheroes Wear Spandex (Collaborative)
A moderately humorous nod to the writing of comic-books and superhero fiction.  It was originally intended as a commentary on the impracticality of the superhero genre--costumes, insurance, secret lair and secret identities.. I mean, there's just so much to lampoon or parody in the genre...

If I had to pick three to tell me about their stuff, I'd pick

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