In which style I am most proud to have writen upon ?

None, I am not a writer,it is not even in my first language that I write here.

It almost in anger I write this fragment to maybe put some ghost at bay, and by ghost I am calling a few of my fellow writers I have stumble upon when writing.

I have no computer to write upon,I use like maybe many of us the computers provided by the city council in this counry I call home,I therefor have no right to download the program to the computer I use daily to check my spelling or rearrange the way I construct my sentences.

No,there isn`t any style I write here that makes me more or less proud.Or give in anyway a standing open invitation for those who stumble by accident or choice in this words that I have just writen ,that tell them this is me.My name is on the top page and I write mainly in fiction  would you like to read more whta I can do ?

No,rest asure that is not me.

Let me tell you instead of the people I have had the pleasure to have met here that are my friends today and without my life would be less rich.





Dailya(known to all as D.F.M)

Anymore to mention ?  No...

I can not believe that we have said goodbye even for a little while to the Man,and by that i am refering to RiverTalk.He is the only writer here apart from Moon,i see can be publish without any editing and maybe another one,the brain and heart behind the website,mr.Nick B.

Of all the people i have meet in my life this man who i don`t know,gave me the most precious of gifts i have in life apart from my sons.

He allow a broken spirit to write and put so many of her problems in words, he has  in many ways have allowed me to became the person i have always been.Only now it is in words.

So no Parkovic,there is no style I am most proud off.

I can only leave you all with this last words,to be or write comes from within,so let yourself say what matters,the rest should follow very easily.


The End

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