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Hi I'm Lone Writer! But most people call me LW! Its a bit difficult for me to describe my writing style to other people, but I like to write action romance. Romaction as some people call it. :) I'm a a huge fan of sarcastic humor and irony, so in my stories I try to make sure you never know what's going to happen next!

No More Women:


This is a series about two guys that have been best friends since forever. Matt and Jordan. Jordan is the ladies man, and Matt is th shy guy. Jordan has picked out 12 girls that Matt has gonne out with and all 12 relationships ended in disaster. Matt swears off of women entirely until Karissa, the 13th Woman comes along and rocks his world. There's more to that girl then meets the eye...

Who Is She?:


Brian has been watching Madison walk by the Starbucks window, everyday for a month. When he finally gets up the nerve to go talk to her, it turns out that she's been watching him too. The two of them set up a date for the next day and things are great. Until Madison goes missing...

A Most Usual Fairytale:


I didn't start this story, OrangeOreos did, but some of the pieces of this series are some of my best moments!

Adelaide is a distressed Fairytale Character, unhappy with the way her life is proceding. She wants action, she wants adventure! Some very unmaidenly things to want in her world. So she arranges with the narrator of her story to come to the real world. Little does she know the plans that the authors have for her there, or the lengths the Narrator will go to defy them. Adelaide is in for the adventure of her lifetime...

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