Oh jeez. Well here we go.

I'm not really sure what to say. I suppose I can say how I like writing about tabooish topics such as rape, AIDS, teen pregnancy, etc. Now I sound like a real freak but it's still the case. I enjoy writing those sorts of things considering how much emotion is involved in such topics.

I'm also the type that also writes lots of love stories. Yes, I'm the sappy soap opera writer as well. Well, technically the love goes along with the taboo topics.

Some of my taboo stories include:

  • What Fate Sometimes Throws: This one involves rape and AIDS;
  • Silenced Heart: Rape as well...though not as...what's the word....detailed (?) with the whole rape topic; http://www.protagonize.com/story/when-the-freebird-is-caged

And of course I have some poetry on this site as well....though not as much is posted as I had on Ficlets. Those tend to relate more to my real life than my stories. After all, poetry truly coming from your heart is always the best kind.

So I suppose that's all I have to say about my writing style. Ta-da! *laughs*

Oh and sorry that they're all freebies that I tagged. I'm currently being kicked off of my computer therfore I can't think.

The End

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