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Alliteration always amuses and attracts... artifice? No, that didn't work at all.

Ahem. Well, here I go. Thanks, Ganga, for inviting me to the party. I do love spewing verbiage across the Protagonize (ooooh, I just mis-typed it and it came out Protagnoize!!) site, and I've been busy since my return from Absentia (North Central Absentia, to be more precise).

To showcase my style, I would put forward the following suspects:

1) The Unseen Way

I believe this was the first story I started when I first joined Protagonize some nine months ago. It came from an idea I'd had knocking around in my head for some time. For some reason, I was never really sure what to do with it, and Protagonize (damn, that's a hard word to type) seemed like a cool place to play with it. Sadly, I've been neglecting it for some time, but Ganga prods me every once in a while, and I will get back to it. Soon. ish.


2) Hell Hole

This is not really in the spirit of Protagonize, I realize. It's a story I wrote years ago, it's Star Trek fan fiction, and the chapters are a bit long. But I just seem to be drawn back to it every once in while and dust it off. As of this writing, I have all but the last chapter posted. I think it's a pretty good example of my writing style, and I welcome comments on it.

There's a sequel, too.


Okay, for my third entry, I'm having a great deal of difficulty choosing between two very funny and very different projects started by others, both of which I've added to twice so far.

So, I'm going to game the system by naming my third entry:

3) Two Very Funny and Very Different Projects Started by Others and Added to Twice by Me

Ammo1143's hilarious "Ode to Cliché"

My two entries are:

Tasha Noble and I have both put in tremendous effort to revive this one (i.e. we each added entries, months apart), and I hope it continues.

Dr. Pinch's infamous (and sadly neglected)
"Glossary of Forgotten Species"

My two entries:

I don't know what's happened to Dr. Pinch. I haven't seen him on here in while. Maybe he was so shattered by my disappearance that he needed to go into therapy. Will someone please tell him that I'm back, and all will be well?

Yeah, okay. That's way more links than I'm allowed. So sue me. I'm also getting long-winded again, a nasty habit of mine.

Thanks for shopping.

The End

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