Traxisk was a writer that came into being on November 8, 2008. I normally write under a different alias, elsewhere, but this is a window in the PROTAGONIZE SHOP, so I shall stock it with three Protagonize stories.


Preposterous in Stuffed Life

Stuffed Life is a cute little story with no set path. olius_brightwell was the mastermind behind the idea of letters sent between characters; letters that develop an uncertain plot, and characters that don't necessarily know each other. I admit the first reason I joined this story was the fact that I like teddy bears (you have to read Stuffed Life''s first chapter to understand). And the second reason is that I like being surprised in writing, sometimes, and Stuffed Life fulfills that requirement without question. I picked my Preposterous branch as opposed to Recent Acquisitions, because "I didn't like k***ing either, when I was your age".


Sister, Dear in Team Protagonize: The Darkness

Team Protagonize: The Darkness is cool because - to quote directly from ElzuWolfe's Author Guidance - "you take your favourite character that you have written and place them into this new world and put them into a story with other people's favourites". I consider this story to contain the most of my personal touch, since Alix and Lisle were characters I'd already created on my own. I'm a bit disappointed that activity died out right after I posted my single branch. I could have thought of so much more to say. However, I know revivals happen sometimes where they're least expected.


The Property of a Lady in The Spy Who Loved Me

It's hard to describe my feelings for this last pick of mine. Eloosive's The Spy Who Loved Me prompted me to post my first poetry in Protagonize; however, it was not the first time I'd ever written poetry. The poetry I used to write was nearly always free verse, and I shamefully admit that I had developed a bit of a disdain for "following the rules" by composing rhymes. But I wanted to match the examples before me, and that's why I wrote a poem entirely of couplets. Surprisingly, I didn't dislike writing it at all. Added to the fact that I didn't face the internal opposition I expected, I received encouraging praise from a review, and one other thing. Especially with The Spy Who Loved Me, I experienced a sort of thrill every time I could successfully unearth another old James Bond title in order to interpret it in a completely different way. In any case, I love this story now. It's unfortunately that I really can't find any more titles to work with on Wikipedia.

The End

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