Oh wow, write about me. Well, hi. I’m JoyceFreedom, formally just Freedom. My writing style is pretty predictable. I mean, I’m a teenager and I mostly write about teenagers. Sometimes I’ll change it up and all but most of my stories are about different teenage struggles.


An example of my writing style is: The New World’s Worst Predator

It is about a different time period and a different world but its still about teenagers :P Haha!


One of the poems that I’m proud of is: The Dancer

I used to dance but one day I randomly stopped. This poem is about how it will feel once I start dancing again.


The last thing is another poem: I Can’t

I wrote this about someone I know. They were going through a struggle and I wrote from inspiration. Luckily, it all worked out for the better.


So my goal is to change it up with my stories and poems. Different time periods, different worlds, maybe not even people—I don’t know :) but I’ll work on it.

The End

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