Welcome to my little corner of sanity I like to call Protagonize… my name is Dan, most days I love being me, getting up, feeling inspired, I live for creation (sometimes fail in completion…opps!) My life is a reflection of that which inspires me, I live in such a beautiful city, but sometimes what I see is a very “Wickedmirror”.

I started writing to save my own life at fourteen years old; I struggled with the identity I had come to know being “born again” in Northern Alberta (that’s in the frozen tundra of the north: Canada... and no we do not all live in igloos, but we have the option) I began questioning my faith, my want for life, and my sexuality. I wrote a short one act play about my struggles which joined two others about rape and AIDS (a sixteen year old heavy hitter) to become a series of three original scenes produced for a seminar I was working on about Sexuality. (I made it big for about two seconds)

Most of my work reflects my past, present and mostly future understanding of the world I live in. I am a chronic “eavesdropper” and get a lot of my ideas from things I hear on the bus.. (that’s creepy right?) The more I learn the more I write, I try to incorporate as much relevance and entertainment as possible but they usually end up quite dramatic. (FUN FACT: As sadly dark and surprisingly morbid my work is, I am quite funny and get paid well as an Emcee host and entertainer)

I have a strange fascination with screwed up love stories. I feed on the obscure therefore present the picks that reflect the MIRROR of my WICKED world best:

A Void in the Pattern


Based on a concept which told a life changing event from four perspectives, two from the beginning and two from the end backwards, called “If: this is my life”.

Rod and Benny are best friends and two young men struggling to fit into a mold of teen society in which anger feeds rebellion and ciaos.  The two survive finding in each other the friendship and trust they themselves lack internally, or so they assume.

When Rod, confused and reaching for his parents attention and acceptance, acts out he ends up expelled from the last school in his district. Disowned and literally kicked out of his childhood home, hurt and alone Rod is accepted in by Benny’s parents and begins to bond with the family.

Benny and Rod become very close and though the closeness Rod becomes confused between the trust endeared and a love neither will accept. After the brutal beating and eventual death of a gay man neither knew, Rod and Benny are left questioning a love they cannot explain.

In the Shape of a Man


Goes hand in hand to tell the full story of 'A Void in the Pattern'


Shadows of Light


 This story reflects my own fascination with the concept of love in respect to pain… It asks are we able to love that with causes us pain while still investigating the root of our desire.

The mysterious protagonist finds himself without answers on his thirtieth birthday. He returns to the place of his happiest memories, to attempt to make sense of his missing joy, only to find he is being haunted by what he seeks. His true challenge comes in determining which are real and which are illusions.


The Millionth Tear Was Happy


A story still in it’s baby shoes, Millionth Tear is the moving story of the choices we make for love and how a life can be changed by sacrifice.

Sylvia is an aged nun living in a time of religious and sociological upheaval. In order to have a chance at a better life Sylvia not only loses both her parents to escape the persecution of 1930 Poland, but also finds herself at the hands of a demanding French mistress, losing her hearing, and becoming a young women in a convent. It is not until falling in love with a feral boy named “John de Bois” that she is left questioning her dedication to GOD… we soon discover how choices we make can impact a lifetime of both despair and happiness.


It is nice to know we have somewhere to come when the world seems contrary, and Protagonize has set the reflections a new.

Just remember: We aren’t here for long but at this price we can afford to be heard long after we fade.

The End

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