Hey Taylor, thanks for the tag!

The first piece I will write about is one that I wrote really quickly but am ridiculously attached to. It's based very, very loosely on a ficlet that I did a long time ago, where feelings were personified as people. Here, I've taken it a step further and turned it into a power struggle between Life and Death.

Death Walks into a Bar:

This next one is a poem that I found scribbled in the back of my Mass Communications notebook that I had forgotten about. It's a reflection on how I've changed since moving away from home and was very painful for me to write.

Revisiting an Old Sadness:

And finally I have what I hope will be the beginning to a series of sketches, based on my life and my family. I really, really love this piece, and I'm not sure why. I wrote it a while ago in the back corner of my school's library. It was snowing outside.

Once Like a Spark:

The End

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