Fog Cat


Greasy fingerprints riddle this part of the window. Too many people munching on popcorn from the nearby street vendor as they peer, half distractedly through the grimy glass.  There is something here for everyone.


If you only have a few minutes to spare, you might indulge yourself in a brief haunting tale of brushing history in an Eastern Orthodox Church in Serbia:


 And there, sitting silently on the top shelf is a story both strange and unnerving.  A place where tensions are high a two people are trapped in a peculiar relationship and hunted by an unexplained enemy.  Edgy fiction/science fiction this tale frightens me more than any I’ve written here.

I Fired Myself was the first story I started and Atropos and we have been slowly working it forward since then.  It was featured way back in July when I was a jumpy new member eager to post anything and everything and unwilling to stop staring at the green and yellow pages of protagonize.  If you take the time to brush the dust off this one, I’m sure you’ll be surprised.


You watch as the skinny owner of this little bit of shelf wanders in the back of the store, opening filing cabinets and peering under strange objects.  At last she returns, holding shyly in her hands a story all of her own.  A ridiculous story, that springs from humour, randomness, and insanity.  She places it, with its slightly awkward title—Em-Ee—on the shelf for you to look at.  She sometimes wonders if this outlet for insanity is worthy of readers, but if you want a wacky science fiction tale that will surprise you at every turn… you might just enjoy this.


There are many more tales in the back of this store, and many more to come in the future.  Those future stories hover about the air, and sometimes, if you move to quickly inside there will be a little spark of light that will make you tingle.  And when no one is shopping, you will not see the owner wandering around the back, occasionally dropping her pens or her books in fits of clumsiness.  Instead, you will see a cloud colored cat curled up on the comfy green arm chair, peering up at you with happy, sleepy eyes.

The End

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