Jeepers, right, what am I doing, errr, yes, showcasing some work of mine, that's right. Let us begin boys and girls and those of you inbetween and beyond those definitions!

I've always been terribly lacking in any confidence in my work so it's quite hard for me to pick out anything I in particular think is any good since I normally leave that decision up to the readers but I'll start off with one particular story which I copied off my computer and into protagonize.

Called Guess Again ( http://protagonize.com/story/guess-again ), it's also my only mature rated piece on here. A psychological sci-fi of sorts, this is probably the only thing I've ever written that I've actually thought, having read it back, that's really good, I thoroughly enjoyed that. I sort of bring it to an end in the last chapter, but if you want to extend it into a larger story, feel free to go right ahead and I'll probably join you.

Usually, I write in stops and starts, bouncing randomly from on project to another. This next story was one I intended to try and stick to but has since faded away, though I may return to it later (and you of course are more than welcome to pick up and continue yourself). I managed to post consistently to it nearly daily for a week or so, which to me is an achievement all of it's own.

My Baby Beetle ( http://protagonize.com/story/my-baby-beetle ), a somewhat odd story with an odd premise - the literal birth of a miniature classic VW Beetle to a normal English family. It was my first attempt at a family drama kind of story and I think it turned out quite well. I do hope someone picks this up again, I feel I'll need a kickstart from someone else before I can get into gear on it again.

Finally, I focus on what I seem to do best (arguably) and enjoy writing the most - comedy. I have an odd sense of humour at best and it often shows itself at inappropriate moments. Even though I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy more than any other genre and wish I could write it even half as good as the authors I love, comedy seems to come to me far more easily than even a single sentence of good sci-fi.

Based on an idea for a Wushu roleplay character, Unfolded ( http://protagonize.com/story/unfolded ) is a comedic over-the-top pulp-action-adventure starring billionaire turned one-man-army Frank Winchester hunting down the Origamist, a criminal mastermind and Origami expert that killed Frank's wife. Ridiculous bad guys, action sequences (of which there are currently very little but I have many a-brewing in my skull) and terrible puns and catchphrases, Unfolded is an exploration of my bizarre sense of humour and taste for nonsensical action films in writing. Feel free to join in though do so soon because I'm thinking of making this my first and only solo project.

Now I reach the end, I find that I wouldn't mind mentioning some more but I feel three is quite enough for now.

The End

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