Welcome to yet another version of the variety pack. Should you be shopping around and stumbling across a Cheshire Grin package, you never know what you will get, at least not until you check the tags and categories, the author guidance and summary, and start reading. This is just a tiny sampling of what one could get in a Cheshire Grin variety pack.

The first item in this particular sampling of the variety pack is "Final Curtain" in the story Tagged. Review: I am very proud of setting up my character to take some serious pain. I think giving characters nice lives and happy endings is overrated sometimes. There is something freeing about creating a character, identifying with them, then being able to explore how they would react (honestly) under extreme duress. Plus I just love Q's Star Wars sheets. If you enjoy this, you may enjoy other dramatic stories by this author

The second item is the story Click.  Review: It is, above all, a story about nothing. Or at least mostly nothing. A bit of humour, a slight satire of that obsession with "clicking" refresh, checking one more internet page, all in the hopes that one will find something interesting. Instead of doing the obvious and going to do something else. From the reviews it appears this is a common ailment, shared by many. I know I have it. If you enjoy this, you may enjoy other humorous stories by this author.

The third item is the beginning of the story Into the Forest. Review: This is a new story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, a story about non-conformity and freedom, and love. It will be a collaborative story, eventually, once time allows. I find fairy tales fascinating, as well as contemporary dark fantasy/supernatural/horror stories. If you enjoy this, you may enjoy other supernatural or folk tale stories by this author.


**I hereby submit my complaint at having to choose 3 favourites. I find myself waffling on whether I should change them. I have so many stories I have enjoyed writing!**

The End

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