Ar`chi*teu"this\, n. [NL., fr. Gr. pref. ? + ?, ?, a kind of squid.] (Zo["o]l.)

  1. A genus of gigantic cephalopods, allied to the squids, found esp. in the North Atlantic and about New Zealand.
  2. An author known for "demented", "palatable", and/or "humourous" writings that fail to "relate to real life" in a public school setting. Also tends to post "random thoughts of the author" that some find "better than sliced bread". The author has no comment on these blatantly melodramatic felicitations.

Some of the writings of the Archi Teuthis, in no particular order:

Grandiosity, in story Grimiore: The original story begins with three children reading an ancient book in an attic, as imagined by Jack Rubashevskiy. Each succeeding chapter is named with a peculiar word and the author must work it into the storyline. Not sure why this hasn't really caught on more than it has.

Deer Diary: The diary of a teenage boy who just happens to have born with horns. Life is so unfair.

Perspective, in story Tagged: My most favoritest chapter! The entrance of Laika Grozny, also known as Puppy, into the twisted perspective [hey look! get the title?] story of street artists and corrupt [and often quite nasty] politicians. Thanks so much to Eloosive for this idea!!!

For more information on the Archi Teuthis, see: Chief Squid

The End

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