I think I'm finally ready to write this. It's about midnight and I've just finished a piece in a scary story I've been meaning to get out of my system. I think it's still bouncing around my head and will probably cause me to check behind the shower curtain and behind the doors for monsters when I go to brush my teeth before bed. Yes, I'm aware that I shouldn't be afraid of nonsense like this anymore. Don't judge me. The paranormal is real.

But *ahem* anywho, I'd like to post three links that showcase the variety of genres I write. When asked my favorite, I really have trouble deciding. Thank goodness I get to post three. Here we go.


This not a story, but a poem. Actually, it is a story, a real story. I wrote it for a friend. Once you read it, you'll probably wince at the idea of being this person. I apologize.

My inspiration had been growing for a while, I just wasn't sure how to let it out. Then, my incredibly cool creative writing teacher introduced me to slam poetry. The words flowed out so easily. I won 2nd place in our class poetry slam. It was a rush, being up there and letting all these people see what I felt. I was shaking. Someone mentioned that to me and I felt very exposed. Slam poetry really makes you leave yourself out there; it's much better when its author reads it aloud.


Second chapter in the scary story mentioned above. It's the one I just wrote. And for the first time, I think I've managed to scare myself. I hope you won't find it ridiculous. I don't think you will. Otherwise I wouldn't have suggested it. But I don't have any feedback, so it could be a terrible waste.

I know, you definitely want to read it now right? Here's a suggestion: don't listen to anything I say. I am probably joking, being sarcastic, or just plain wrong. There I go again. Now you'll never take me seriously... XD

But I wanted to post a link to this because it reflects my darker side. If you met me, you'd most likely be surprised to find out I wrote this. I take a little bit of pride in that, I admit it.


A story with a subtle twist, easy to pick up on if you know what you're looking for, but easily overlooked. This is the tale of a man named Lane, ironically and critically injured in a car crash. I just now realized the significance of his name now actually. Silly subconcious-that-doesn't-tell-me-things.

It's written in first person present tense, probably my favorite, but not my most used tense when I'm writing. Still, I find that this style provides an inside look into the character and a closeness that feels more real than third person, past tense, or both.

With these three links I have failed to provide any lighter, fluffier stuff which I often write to amuse myself. Currently, I'm working on a book with my BFFL that just happens to be hilarious. I'll try to post one of my more comedic stories as I love to write humorous things. If interested in some dark humor, you might check out my series with Poozzab, All in the Family Business. Rated mature for gory murders.

But enough self promotion. Thank you for taking the time to read :)

The End

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