Alright. 1. My name is Poozzab, not poozab. There are 2 z's included there buddies.

My writing style tends to border the insane (so I like to think). Typically, there are some extremely unique ideas to what I choose to write. For instance.


This is a story that my best friend Raindance and I are writing. I started it from this crazy idea I had for a movie (I make movies, and I doubt anyone else knew about that). I get these weird ideas, laugh, get excited, and sort of... paint a vast unimaginable canvas of strange thoughts. Ask Raindance, she'll vouge for me that it's my usual M.O.

However, there are many a time that I don't get funny and strange Ideas that burst forth from the volitile recesses of my mind. Sometimes I have to expel some of the pain I have inside my heart.


I had a real deep pit of depression for a time... that was my "out" to entertain ideas of suicide, but not actually act upon them.

But stil, I'm not just bipolar :P I have medium experiences I write with. Rhyming and talking backwards are my hobbies when not going ape-spit looney. Particularly things like this:


It's strange, but it's poetic. I like it.

Really it just comes down to how extremely blueberry I really am. I am strange, therefore I write strange things.


And by-the-way, I don't speak good all time. Me talk pretty someday, but now I has good try.

The End

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