thanks THX0477 for tagging me. I'm glad you like my work.

Ok so, about me. well, i feel like i mainly stick to myself on this site. i'm still not entirely clear on how to navigate this site but i am learning. the first piece i have for everyone is actually the one THX0477 read and liked. its called Point of View of Fire and it is a story told from the point of view of fire. its actually a love story.

The next one is a story i actually had to write for school. its called The Duck Pond. it is basically about this guy who lives across the street from a huge duck pond and how he copes with the quacking. its a little bit silly with quite a twist at the end. its one of my favorites.

my third and last one is a poem because, above all else, i am a poet. i'll admitt, most of my stories are pretty poorly written, but my poems are actually something i am proud of. this one is my second attempt at writing in spanish. dont worry. there's a translation. i wrote it for a girl i know, but she doesnt even know the poem exists haha. so enjoy.

The End

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