Ben, I am humbled that my name came across such a brilliant mind.

I have always liked to make peope laugh, love little ironies and prefer to indulge in little comedic situations.  Having moved around a lot, I've lost a lot of my funnier etchings and find it nearly impossible to recreate them.  The one though that has always been dear to my heart is this....

If you don't laugh out loud at least once, then I've failed somewhere and I apologize.

Other times I'll get a charge in my head and have to write some poetry.  I think I'd be better off if I put more into my pent up energy into poems.

This one, I wrote in a time of crisis.  I like it's momentum.

And this one?  Reflecting on humanity.

Yes, I'm cheating!  But they were short!  Finally, I like to get into a character's head.  I love writing sketches.  This wasn't my story, but turned out to be a story intself.

The End

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