I suppose I really can't pass up the honour of a mention by Olius, regardless of how stubbornly not-there my muse has been. All I can say is it's a darn good thing no actual story-writing is required for this, or else I'd be here all week.

My first instinct, for some reason, was to mention a certain story about a jester, probably because for a while there, I'd started a Protagonize fad, and I was pretty proud of that.  But the very fact that it was so popular leads me to believe it would be better to mention something else, so I went digging through all my past posts.

You know, at one point in time, I was churning out six branches or chapters a day? I wish I knew what happened to that :P

Anyway, I think my first mention should go to

  • Average Joseph (

This was the first story I actually started on Protagonize, and I came into it really keen on experiencing the whole collaborative story idea for myself. I set up what I thought was an interesting premise, someone else posted a branch, I excitedly replied, and then... well, it kind of died. It was that day that I learned that the magic of a good collaboration isn't something you're guaranteed to come across :P

However, I still love the story, and hope one day to get back to it. It's sort of a comedy about a man who is, by all accounts, amazingly average. Oxymoronic, yes, but it is a comedy, so bear with me. What happens is this; Joseph begins to have a very non-average day, beginning with, of course, the fact that he has a date with a gorgeous woman for once. Things get stranger and stranger, in his eyes anyway, until he finds out he's been stuck with a fellow named Norman, who tells Joseph he's a Break. Basically, his job is to flip Joseph's life upside-down, while the whole time, Joseph is doing his very best to remain as normal and average as possible.

Anyway, now that we've got by far my most favourite genre out of the wy, I suppose we should touch on the runners up. That would be sci-fi and fantasy, by the way. I'm not mentioning any of my poetry for various reasons, but if you should want to know where it is, you can always ask.

In the field of fantasy we have a story I've been writing all by my lonesome, again not by choice, but such is life.

  • Asadiea (

This is a story I got the idea for from a conversation I had with my brother. It takes place in a world without shadow, due to magics unleashed by the powerful ancestors of the modern Asadieans. In this world where creatures that normally stick to the darkness are free to roam the land, a boy is born with a shadow. He lives most of his life normally, until a mysterious individual blackmails him into helping the man by going on a quest of sorts. It's very open ended at this point, because I still hold a faint hope of someone else contributing, but it's along the lines of one of those stories where they end up saving the world. Such is fantasy :)

The last story I'll touch on is a little more recent, if just as dead :P It's my sci-fi entry.

  • The Masked: A Dead World Tale (

I set up an entire world for this story, intent on not only finishing it, but also writing other stories in the same canon. I was really looking forward to this one, and I even had another wonderful author contribute a chapter to it, but it was right around then that my writing slump hit, and now it's just kind of sitting there.

The premise of this world I created is that it's sort of Post-Apocalypse, after a terrible nuclear Third World War. It goes into a little more detail in the first chapter of the story, if you're interested. There's unlimited potential for writing other stories in this world, and that's what I loved about it.

The premise of the story itself is that large corporations took advantage of a huge problem with orphans and began testing bio-hardware on them, attaching headgear to them that enabled them to learn at an alarming rate. They captured the leader of one of the gangs of children, but no sooner had they given him a bionic mind than did he lash out and escape. He let his gang into the building and they killed everyone in sight.

This boy, named Ollie, then organized all of the orphan gangs in the city under his leadership, outfitting them all with lesser versions of his own bionic brain. To disassociate themselves from the scientists, they covered the headgear with masks.

This mass organization of angry, intelligent children threatened the safety of the corporations, though, and so they had Ollie assassinated. The loss of leadership tore the group of children apart, to the point that they now are separated into many warring factions, all with different masks. The story centres around Ollie's younger brother as he tries to restore some semblance of order to their lives.

Basically, it's a lot like The Warriors, but in a sci-fi setting, and with kids, and yeah. I get excited just thinking about it, really. Maybe I'll be able to write something for it again soon xD


Anyway, that's about it for me. I hope those of you that choose to go read the stories I've mentioned will enjoy them :)

The End

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