...and suddenly you find yourself staring down JackRubashevskiy's collection of writings.

It's a good thing, really.

His writing style is often somewhat poetic, or so he has been told, with lengthy sentences rife with commas and colons semi, and accentuated with alliterations. Too, his writings are often influenced by the music he is listening to, with some even containing lyrics explicitly as well as implicitly. Innuendo has been know to creep in, brought about with a grin slashed ear to ear across Jack's face, an image he throws about flamboyantly in many of his writings.

But you're not interested in all that. You want some fiction, some prose, some playful piece of poetic fancy. Monologues are not what you came here for, so let your attention turn back to Jack's collection...

a Crown'd Cup

...a parable of sorts, Jack thought this up in World Lit class, 'cause he was just that bored. It happens often. Anyways, it concerns the new life a man leads after discovering a peculiar cup. No plot summary for you, as that would ruin things. On a side note, Jack made himself tear up while writing one of the chapters. It was not a very manly moment in Jack's apartment.

Lily Christianson

...a romance. It concerns the infatuation of a young writer for a woman named Lily Christianson. He found it difficult to write at first, but is slowly becoming more comfortable. This might be due in part to the use of first person narrative, and the similarity to oral storytelling at some points. This story is a step into new territory for Jack, as it has no true aspects of fantasy, in the swords n' sorcery sense.

Heavenly Delusions, Earthly Illusions

...fantasy: the genre that Jack feels most himself in. This particular story had its beginnings quite a while ago, but he only posted it after he found it written on a page in his binder. It is an active story, with the current team of Jack and CheshireGrin working to keep it going. Illusions, as Jack tends to call it in shorthand, is one of the stories always present on Jack's 'to-do' list.

...and that is a trio of musings by Jack. Now go forth and read, people of Protagonize.

The End

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