Okay, I'll go ahead and drop all false modesty and admit that I was hoping to be tagged in this series.  Can you blame me?  I hope you don't.  Please do understand that I don't have a lot of content from which to choose here.  I don't have a lot of time to write, and I tend to prioritize leaving comments over churning out more and more of my own stuff.

This is typical THX, I think.  That's why I'm putting it up here despite it being one of my more commented upon pieces.  I just had a vague idea and ran with it.  This is the result, and I'm quite pleased.

This is also typical THX, I'm sure.  First of all, it's an answer to a challenge, and Heaven help me as a Ficlets refugee I can't resist a good challenge.  This is the more absurd side of my writing.  My usual goal is to have a balance between genres and themes.  I don't want all my pieces to be heavy and dramatic.  But I also don't want to write exclusively silly things.  The point of coming on here is to develop my writing skills, and part of that for me is working on range.

This is also typical THX, cause it's not THX.  That's right; I don't always like following rules.  The link is to a story by jait, which I did sequel.  Usually when I sequel a story, I kill it.  I'm not sure why, but that's what happens.  In this case though, we've had a nice little run of pinging things off of each other.  And I think it makes for a heck of a narrative so far.

So there, and thanks again for the tag.

The End

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