Well, this is a fantastic idea Parkovic, and I know that I will be reading up on all the authors who post here.

Now, where to begin?

Well, I think I will start with a story that came into my mind even before I joined Protagonize. It came to me when ideas often do, as I lay in bed at night, wondering if sleep was just around the corner. Evidentally, sleep was long coming as a rather fun idea came to mind. At first, the idea was not necessarily a story idea; it was one of those ideas where you wonder what it would be like to be behind it all, and to live a story, to live an adventure.

And that's exactly how it went. A man, with many intriguing identities and a mysterious background, decided to create an adventure storyline in the real world. He decided to be the author behind it all, the mastermind of adventure. And so he offered this service of adventure-making to those rich and lonely souls who wanted to once more truly live, and he called this the 'I Project'.


The story was, obviously, an adventure...to read, to write, and for every character who got caught in this one man's dream. I love the unpredictability, the changes and twists, and the never-ending inventions. And most of all, I love the amount of authors who joined in to make it something out of the ordinary!

And...it's not done yet...aha...ha..."psst! wanna bring back to life?"

Well...sigh...moving on. The I Project was an obvious one for me to mention, and now I have to do some real thinking. One of the features I love about this site is the freedom to explore, experiment, and discover. So I think I will pick two more that are in completely different worlds of writing. So...how about a comedy?


I have just spent the past twenty minutes reading through a few comedies from long ago, and well, it has been a lot of fun. And, though there were a few close ties and toss-ups, I've finally decided on one to share. This is one that, after re-reading, I decided that I would HAVE TO CONTINUE! So it would be good to mention it as it may be coming back in a week or two.

So let me explain. I had this job that was relatively boring, but me, having a demanding sense of creativity, would not just work. I decided that everyday I would learn to multitask. I would learn to reserve a space in my mind for ideas, while the boring, logical side of me continued to move my fingers and hands in the routine of the job--and I opened my mind to any ideas: story ideas, engineering ideas, adventure ideas, and more...And it was on this day as I was weighing out bags of granola that I came across an idea...completely unrelated to granola. It was Freddy the Fugitive.


This story was a simple yet ridiculous idea, and boy, it was fun to write.

Well...now that I've already chosen two stories, I am stuck with only one left. Unless, aha, I accidentally slip a name in here or there. I mean, to keep with the idea of variety, I thought I should mention some poetry. I actually just wrote one of my favorite poems, it is for this I write, on my personal collection of Brightwell Poetry. But then I thought, well Freddy the Fugitive has been solo so far, so I best mention another collaborative one.

And also, going with the idea of variety, there was another story that came to mind as a real out-there-experimentation-post-modern-crazy-comedy story. It was the one I collaborated on with Dysphemism about the rambling narrators. That's all I will say so as to not cheat too badly on this three posts idea. Because, though it was a great story, it was also a comedy and I've got to mention something far different.

So let's not delay any longer. The next story I've decided to mention is a rather recent one called A Collaborative Memoir.


This collection of memories has it all. Styles of writing from poetry to narration. Emotions from powerful nostalgia to young love. And, best of all, there is a wide range of quality writing from a whole pile of awesome authors! And I would love to hear your own memories, I would love to be taken into your childhood to experience the senses and the emotions of a timeless memory. So check it out...

But...I think I better head to bed. Where I am, it is 1:30 and I've got school tomorrow. Good night world,

- Olius_Brightwell (Ben)

PS - I go by either name, but just so you know, Olius is the name of the main character in my novel. One of my finest sources of inspiration. :D

The End

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