I've been writing so much since I joined this site last October, I had forgotten just how much material I had done. I guess My most favourite story is Ghost Cop.  It's my first attempt at a novel, and I'm still working on it.It's at


 I've put more work into that one than anything else I've done.  It's about a murdered detective who comes back to help his partner and his son find his killer.

Another story that I'm really close to, is My Space in Time. It's at

Cassandra and I have been working on it, and it has pretty much taken on a life of it's own. It's about a woman who was genetically enhanced at birth, and she has amazing abilities that other people  try to exploit. The story involves genetic mutants, time travel, mind control, and all sorts of exciting stuff.

There is one story I like a lot because I had so much fun writing it. It's a collaborative story about cookie jars. My story is slightly naughty, and it's about as close as I will ever get to a mature theme. It's called Cookie Jar 3, and it's at

The End

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