Oye, gente, & g'devenin' to y'all (although I have no idea what time wherever you may be).  I always have a hard time picking "favorites," but here's what happens to strike my fancy at the moment.  (And, by all means, feel free to take a gander at any other things I've worked on.  I'm all for curiosity.)

Musical Inspiration Series

I am an absolute music fiend; I am also extremely curious.  Backstories fascinate me.  If there's a backstory to be had, I'm ready to hear it (for the most part).  If there isn't, thank goodness for the creative mind.  In this string, I take songs I like and reveal how I like to think they came to be, or how they're relevant to some facet of my life.  Who knows?  You may stumble across a new favorite song.

Accursed Necklace

This would have to be the series about which I'm most proud.  A collaborative effort with the ever-wonderful OrangeOreos, this p.o.v.-changing narrative spins the tale of the fragments of a Resistance as they take a stand (of sorts) against the world-dominating power of the Secretists.

The Smart Ones

I know, I know, Ganga already mentioned this one.  Well, I'm mentioning it again.  Emphasis is a good thing, is it not?
Again, another random idea I had, with no real idea where to take it.  Then out of the sky came an intriguing sequel.  It all kind of snowballed (and continues to snowball) from there.
Young Elizabeth Quinn is brought in for questioning, and possible recruiting by a secret government agency.  A whirlwind of theories, chaos, and fantastic madness (with available branches!).

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The End

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