I have had prolific moments and also absences. I've missed things, but also have collaborated on lots of stories. Dull intro I know.

But anyway

These are some of my favorites:


Weird, but I like it.

Rise Again

Traditional fantasy. Mistaken identity. War. Magic. The usual drill, but written in first person, so maybe unusual for that.

Nowhere Home

I've got lost with this one, but would appreciate help/encouragement to get it back on track.


Mystery/horror/thriller. Tasha added a branch too.

Now here's a list of some of my favorite collabs on here that I took part in that were started by others:

Full Moon

This was just such great fun to collaborate on. Started by Monkette.

Banner of the Silver Kiss

Started by Dysphemism, I really enjoyed this one. Not sure though if we ended up with too many characters too soon in the story.

The Uninvited

Started by Tasha Noble. Just great!

Have put a lot of older stuff in this list as newer stuff is more visible anyway on the site.

If you decide to read any of the above I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did writing.


The End

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