First off - sorry everyone! Only now, faced as I am with chosing only three chapters / framents / branches / segments / thinglets to best sum me up, do I realise the agony I am putting you all through!

Before I do, I shall be cheeky and say that the work I'm most proud of is not included in my picks as it is less accessible out of the context of its whole; that being my contributions to Love Story From A Strange Land by Tasha.

Temporary mental blocks aside, it is the work I most enjoy adding to on here - along with The New Utopia - (ok, no more freebies, I promise!) and for me, the enjoyment of playing with words and each other's ideas is what collaborative writing is all about.

My choices start with my first ever post:

In a way this typifies me; intentionally obscure with layers of weird that only the pedant would bother to notice. It fell out of my head on to the keys with no clear direction or purpose - the garbled howl of an outcast wolf, hoping to find a pack that understood.

To my enduring delight, Mother Noble answered, giving Lionel and myself a home here.

My next two choices are both contributions to stories by Eloosive. He has a wonderful knack for coming up with ways for us to play with conventions - something I really enjoy. This is most evident in Davy and Joe, a story with a self-aware protagonist that constantly heckles each new writer. Here is one of my chapters:

I really relished the opportunity this story gives (it is by no means over and awaits a new narrator!) to play with the conventions of story telling. If some parts seem especially odd, it may be because it is also peppered with references to other stories on Protag and the writing styles thereof - great fun to add to as there are NO rules!  : )

And finally, a poem:

I seem to have become something of an unwitting poet on here. Although I had written songs before, poetry wasn't something I'd considered. The removal of the music was something of a liberation and has, in turn, improved my songwriting no end!

For me, poetry should have interesting rhythms and unexpected or unusual rhyme structues that catch you off-guard - much more engaging in my opinion than standard or predictable verse.

Oh! And I like my poetry to have a point, a conclusion - to build to a climax. As I hope this choice shows, short and sweet can still pack a punch.

Lordy, I can waffle.

I look forward to reading YOUR picks - remember to have fun everyone!




Parkovic's RECOMMENDED READING this week:

by Kari

A delightful fantasy adventure that I could honestly read all day long if only there was enough of it!


The End

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