Welcome to the Procrastinating Corner of The Protagonize Shop Window. Here, if you've got the patience to wait around for long periods of time with very little going on, you'll find a mixed bag of serious, rap and silly poems, a few bits of dramatic story telling and a good sized package of nonsensical prose. If that's your cup of tea, then go ahead and make yourself comfortable.

If it's not... well, there are plenty of other displays to feast your eyes on. That's the joy of putting things off, you see - hiding in the crowd that develops whilst you twiddle your thumbs.

I would display Davy and Joe for you kind folk, but that mad little story has already been pointed out more than once by others. I'd include Tagged, but it's the Featured friggin' Story this week so I don't think it needs any additional attention. But I still felt the need to mention them both so... yeah.


Carrying on. I'll pick an old story, a slightly less old poem and one story that's very important to me.

My first choice was my first story starter here in the lovely land of Protagonize:

Looking Back

It remains, quite sadly, an orphan. Perhaps it was the inspiration for Eloo's Orphan Rescue Project? Hard to say. Regardless, I still like it and I mention it here in the hopes that it might catch someone's eye. Here, let me dust it off for you - sorry, it has been in storage quite some time.

Choice number two goes to:

My Three Sons

My seventh post on Protagonize, this was the poetic tale of the 3 Little Pigs - as told by their dear mother. Alison Jamie started the 'story' off with an alternative rendition of Snow White and there are so many more good stories to be told that could continue the fun. I include it here as an example of my silly poems, which I've strayed from recently here - probably because I've been indulging in them fairly often on my blog.

Lastly... I have to go with my only solo story:

A Fighting Chance

It's the first draft of my first novel, currently sitting at ten chapters. I'm pretty proud of how it has turned out so far and I find myself looking forward to getting it done so that I can go back to really flesh out the details when I can start working with paperback length chapters.

Thank you for stopping by,


The End

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