Hi there! Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! When Parky built this nice shopping complex in the little commercial piece of Protagonize real estate, and when Ana Cristina kindly invited me to open up my own shop, I was both excited and nervous, because I was setting up my shop next to the far more prolific authors whose writings I have come to admire so much.  

At least I don’t have the problem of plenty that many seem to have when they have to choose three out of a hundred well-written stories! :)  Anyway, below is my pick of three – for now.  As always, I welcome any comments, critique and suggestions!

The Smart Ones

Started by Gwen (aka g2). I’m taking the liberty of adding a little summary here without giving too much away.

An extremely smart high school girl is taken to a secret (possibly rogue?) government facility, after which her life would never be the same again. She has to use her superior intelligence and quick thinking to survive and battle a force more intelligent and far more powerful than she can imagine.

The story summary drew me in, prompting me to post a sequel. I usually sequel a story (some times killing it), and then forget all about it. But thanks to a good dose of encouragement and push from Gwen, the story continues to grow. Peppered with (half-cooked) scientific theories and teasers (may the ghost of Einstein have mercy on us!) and often wacky plots and twists, this has quickly become my most enjoyable collaborating exercise so far.

War and Science

Amidst fears that Hitler’s Germany is seeking to build nuclear technology, scientists in America persuade Einstein to write to President F.D.Roosevelt to set up funding for research of nuclear fission. Although hesitant at first, he finally obliges, which triggers a chain of events culminating in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Part fact, part fiction, this is told from the lives of people in three different continents between 1939 and 1945.

I have written only three chapters and have been meaning to continue this when inspiration strikes (and collaborate with someone as well, if possible).


The Sanctuary

Co-authored with Juniper

What brings out the best and the worst in humans? When does someone become evil? A noble young man whose temple is destroyed by an evil king, a king who becomes an evil tyrant after the death of his son, a woman who heals wounds and mends broken hearts, and the destroyed temple where the three of them meet.

This was my first attempt on a story and hence happens to be a favourite. I wrote the first two chapters with no set outline and dropped it after seeing no interest for a while until Juniper revived it and collaborated with me till I stopped. (I should probably go back to finishing this one – which would also be a first for me!) Although I have been vague about the location and the period of this story, it can safely be assumed that it is set in the historical period somewhere in ancient India.

The End

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