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When Parky asked me to add to this (thanks, Parky), I thought, how do I choose three, out of over three hundred.  So I started looking at everything I'd posted, starting from 20 May last year.  And I kept stopping.  The ones I stopped longest on were the ones which made me laugh when I was writing them, and still made me laugh when I read them now.  I enjoy writing humour the most, out of everything.   If it makes me laugh, there's always a chance it'll have the same effect on others.  And we all need laughter.

These are all contributions in other people's stories.  I've deliberately chosen ones I hadn't started myself.  They are not necessarily among my highest rated posts - some of them probably went unnoticed when I wrote them - but I like them a lot, and I hope you will too.  And if they make you laugh, so much the better.

  • A New Use For the Pink Tower - From 2008: A Whig Odyssey, by jonty

This story was among the very first I joined in on, in my very early days here.  It's a satirical  "parallel universe" story.  The lead up to this chapter is that, in this reality, it had been a crime to be Gay, in the UK - punishable by imprisonment in "The Pink Tower" - part of the Tower of London.  With the election of the new Whig government, gayness is decriminalised, and the criminals released.  So a new use for the Pink Tower must be found.  This is what I came up with:


  • Huxley's First Spell - from Ode to Cliche, by Amo1143

I don't apologise for plugging this story.  It's enormous fun; absolutely hilarious, and I think more people should add to it, and keep it going.  It's recently been revived by Faltarego and Smac972.  I would recommend reading it from the start.  This is the second of my own two additions:


  • Gullible Joe - from Davy and Joe, by Eloosive

This is another story I'd recommend reading from the start.  Lots of us got involved in this, and it was a hoot.  This is one of the chapters I added:




By the way - ALL these stories are still begging to be continued.  It would be great to see any of them revived (and it'd be particularly good to see a third person contributing to the "Whig Odyssey")



The End

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