If I had to choose three pieces of mine that I feel best reflect my writing, it would have to be a combination of poetry and prose. When I began writing as a young girl, I started with verse and gradually (grudgingly) worked my way to prose. I still consider poetry to be my first love, though.

Here are my three with brief descriptions of each. I welcome your comments & critique!

  • Hooked

This is a poem I wrote in early college. It's about my first serious relationship and its subsequent denouement, and it is significant for me because it was my first non-rhyming poem. It was written at the behest of my Creative Writing professor who insisted I should "free" myself from rhyming in my verse. I am proud of it because I like the imagery, but I still like using rhyme in my poetry, however. Sorry, Professor Lytton!


  • Triptych

This is one of those rare stories that came to me fully crystallized -- I knew how it would begin, how it would end, and everything in between. I haven't the foggiest what inspired it, but I really like it because I got the chance to play with three different points of view within one narrative. That's something I think every writer should try, not least of all because it's simply fun.


  • Forbidden Fruit

I began my 3 with verse, and I find it only fitting to end that way, too. This is one of my favorite little poems. If you've ever read my work, I'm sure you've gotten the notion that I've a bit of a romantic streak, and it is certainly on full display in this poem. ;)


The End

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