The Protagonize Shop Window

Somewhere for Protag authors to post links to 3 of their chapters or stories they feel give the tastiest teaser of what they are about - or the three they are proudest of!
A helpful guide for the browsing reader to discern who's on their wavelength - and to get to know everyone.


This is an idea I had all of a suddy when I was supposed to be thinking about several other things.


Sometimes when you find a branch you like, you want to read more from that author but are not sure where to start (particularly if they are one of our more prolific posters!).

How about, thought I, if there were a place where all Protag authors could post links to three of their branches or stories that they feel best reflect their writing style or preferences? Or, indeed, that they are proudest of?

That way we could all come here, see if the author we seek has posted, go to their branch and follow their links!

My hope is that this will become somewhere we can all come to get a better idea of who we all are as writers - and to find kindred spirits.

I will start by nominating three writers that I have either read little of so far or that have written so much it would take me weeks to give all of it the attention it deserves. Then I will message them to let them know, they can post their links and do the same!

(it occurs to me that leaving the occasional branch free for people to add unrequested would be no bad thing!)

With any luck, one day we will all have a branch on here.

I do hope this works...

Oh! And no ratings, please - no need.


: )



The End

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