A Bit More About Me

I'm a dancer and so I suffer from many things like blisters and clicky joints. I've also got a strained back at the moment, but that's not from dancing.

I suffer from vitiligo (don't know if that's how you spell it), or so the doctor decided yesterday. It's something in your bloodstream which means you lose colour or something? Anyway, I've got a white streak in my hair that sprouts from a patch where the skin is entirely white with no colour at all, and apparently it could quite easily spread or sprout up elsewhere; I could end up with white blotches on my hands or something. It's in the family.

In addition to this, I've got dodgy joints. Well, there's a fancy word for that, and apparently it's linked to the vitiligo, it's not just me being a bit loosely put together. I click a lot and dislocate things. It hurts.

That's enough about my medical history, I think. Let me tell you about ... hmm, my organisational skills.

Not much to say about them, for the simple reason that they don't exist. Well, no, I'm mildly organised. There are three countdowns on the whiteboard on my wall right now.

1) Kelley O'Boyle Open Feis (25th September 2010)

2) NaNoWriMo 2010 (1st November)

3) Lord of the Dance at the O2 arena (3rd November)

That will probably tell you something about me too!

The End

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