The Profile Extension

I don't know about you, but my profile gets very cluttered sometimes, so I thought of this where I could post the extension to my profile. Here you go.



May contain hints of craziness, a large dollop of 'clumsy' and possibly several thousand words of unfinished novels.

Approach with extreme caution.


"In my characters I live the life I wish I could live ... I live the life that I would have without constraints of money or time or physical fitness ... I live the life that could have been mine if just one little thing was different or I was just a slightly different person ..."

I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Delorfinde -- Delorfinde Mairim Telcontar. At least, that's what I'm called here on Protagonize. Although it's not my real name, using it for characters since I was eight and as a pseudonym since I was ten has meant that it has really become a part of me.

I'm also a girl. This might seem obvious to most of you, but there seems to have been some confusion. Lexiehar was convinced that I was a boy and only discovered her mistake when she read 'A Deadly Team' (see below)

I'm fourteen years old. Some people think I'm older and some think I'm younger; I guess it depends on your point of view. If you're looking for makeup, an obsession with boys and short skirts ... I'm not your person. However, if you're looking for thoughtfulness, interest and conversation, come talk to me!

Well, reading and writing are obviously two of my hobbies -- why else would I be here? Irish dancing is another biggie, and features in a couple of my stories, such as Legacy which I am currently in the process of self publishing.  Not to sell (who'd buy it?), just to have a couple of copies for myself and my friends.  It just looks nice.

I'm also very musical, it runs in the family.  I play theviolin and flute (grade 7 for both), the piano (grade 2), the piccolo and the whistle (no grades, obviously). I also have a strange obsession with "Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock". Doctor Who is amazing. Yes, I did take my profile picture. It's one of my few photographs that actually worked :)

I have been described in the past as a sort of Christian hippy. Well, if hippies can be Christian, then I guess so. I've just started making my own clothes (it's not going too well). I'm a complete sci-fi geek (long live Spock! ha ha), I spend way too much time in the library and I have a strange interest  in  programming computers. I am abit of a loner sometimes, I'll admit it.

God is awesome, but prayer tends to screw my brain. Jesus for the president (and the Amish for Home Security, as Shane Claiborne said).

When I'm miserable or angry it's sometimes hard to tell what I'm thinking because I refuse to speak at all -- very unusual for me. People often think I'm mad at them when actually I'm just lost inside my own head. It's hard to explain.

Anyway, that's all for now, but if I think of anything I want to add I'll post another chapter! So long!

The End

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