Bite down. Taste
Your shame, soft and fleshy
Like liver, split in your mouth.
Roll it around, chew it, savour it,
Let it swell til it overflows
And the juices run down your chin like
Blood. Hot and sticky.

Try to swallow. Retch
Once. Twice. It’s coming up
Dry and bitter, acid on your teeth and you can feel
Those half-digested chunks of raw pride
That you’d been saving
Burning down the back of your throat.
Can you really say it wasn’t your fault?
Can you really say you didn’t know?
Swallow that one if you can.
Shut your mouth and maybe you can keep your guilty vomit down
Or it might run up your nose and choke you
Thick with lies.

Yes, chew it again,
Chew and swallow until that metallic smell fades from between your teeth
And you no longer have to pick justifications and
Self-deceptions from your aching gums.
Chew and swallow and bite down.
And realise that’s your own tongue writhing on the floor,
Bleeding out its final accusation;
Betrayed, traitor, guilty.

The End

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