Talent and GeniusMature

Raise your eyes. Droplets of evening genius
Ripple, vast echoes in the dawn-coloured night,
The dusk-rosy evening.

I’ve no memory of a world any less dull.
There are few stars in my sky
And none I can see though
They watch me.
They watch me and the echoes ring from aeons beyond the last days of our lives.

Stars gather in lonely skies. Fit to bursting, Louder
Than bearable, and always racing, racing.
The bearer of this sky never ceases their endless dash,
Their feet barely the soft-lipped kisses of shy children on each-others’ cheeks, racing,
Beyond the air itself and
Suddenly their raised voices cannot be heard,
Only their footfalls, howling on endlessly into the narrow starless sky.

Our last light belongs to the stars they drop,
Falling from light-years into our futures and red-shifted beyond all
Recognition or glory.

The colour of blood, the colour of envy.

Ice-cold ribbons, horizonless, they stretch and tease and chase, chase,
Chase away their desperate suitors.
Forever in courtship.

Each meteor falls only once and cannot burn without being seen,
But will never burn for you and me.

Injustice bubbles at our throats and good-natured rage,
Hateful, bitter and full of
Acid-sweet and undeniable admiration scuttles
On the underside of our skin,
Like beetles.

We see the stars falling and we scuttle.
We scuttle to the detritus of their golden breath.
Genius. Dust from the universe.

Every runner trips. Or so we hope.
Every runner trips. So there’s hope for all of  us.
Every runner trips…
Yet those lonely footsteps, desolate, recede into the future, on and on and on.

Awaken! No star adorned the hour of your birth!
No storms of meteors gather to light your sky and no furious comet dashes beside you!
You chase the echoes you cannot reach,
You call to the voices you cannot touch,
And they call to you.

Dash! Dash! Dash!
Everything by your side catches light,
You will never turn to see the sparks falling from your feet which kiss the earth like sand.
By the time you hear them you’ll be light years away
And those behind you will see the stars falling from your sky,
Chasing the footsteps of genius.

The End

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